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Member of SymbioCity expert pool
Experience from a Swedish municipality or SKL/SALAR
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Have previously worked with SKL International/SALA IDA

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Subject Years of experience
Aid effectiveness (More info)
Anti-corruption and transparency (More info)
Civil society and community development (More info)
Conflict sensitivity (More info)
Decentralization and local self-governance - Administration system (More info)
Decentralization and local self-governance - Fiscal system (More info)
Decentralization and local self-governance - Legal aspects (More info)
Decentralization and local self-governance - Other (More info)
Education (More info)
Energy and infrastructure (More info)
Environment and climate change (More info)
European Integration and cohesion (More info)
Gender (More info)
Health (More info)
Human rights (More info)
ICT / E-government (More info)
Land use management (More info)
Local democracy and governance (More info)
Local, Regional or Rural Economic Development (More info)
Municipal management and service delivery (More info)
Peace and security (More info)
Political institutions / political participation (More info)
Public administration (More info)
Public Financial Management (More info)
Public outreach / Communication (More info)
Public procurement and PPPs (More info)
Rule of law (More info)
Sustainable urban development (More info)
Transportation (More info)
Urban Development: other (More info)
Urban Planning (More info)
Waste management (More info)
Water management (More info)

Other Competencies

Please indicate the areas of competence you worked with, and the number of years of experience you have worked actively within those areas. For more information about the different categories please click on “More info”

Area of Competence Years of experience
Building the capacity of local government associations (More info)
Change management (More info)
Conflict or post-conflict country experience (More info)
Development and design of interventions (More info)
Expert (providing specialist advice in a particular area) (More info)
Grants management (More info)
Human resources management (More info)
Moderator (More info)
Organisational development (More info)
Policy and/or strategy development (More info)
Political representative (More info)
Project Manager / Coordinator (More info)
Research, analyses and assessments (More info)
Results management, monitoring and evaluation (More info)
Team Leader/Chief of Party (More info)
Training and capacity building (More info)


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